Traditional & Digital Art. Also quirky Gifs and Animations šŸ˜˜

Welcome to my Infosite.

Thanks for coming to visit. Iā€™m a hobby  digital/traditional artist. I also do animations! So please make sure to visit my YouTube Page.  This site is where you can learn a little bit about me and my work process. You can see more of my work below, and throughout this website. Enjoy!

What I Do


Though I only started, it's looking good! I love experimenting with my designs and I hope you'll like it too. Hopefully I will get to the point of offering commissions šŸ™Œ


What is it that I like about them? I think it's the result of making words come alive into pictures and entertain others ;)

Traditional Art.

It is the basic of the basics. Take a pencil and some paper and start creating! Though I don't only use a pencil xD. I mainly use copics, watercolour, pens and experimental things.

About commissions

I am currently working on the pricing! šŸ’

Any Questions?

If you got any questions, please fell free to contact me. My business email:


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